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Powder Coating Equipment

PR 2017 Model
PR668 Series
Gema Optiflex
Powder Coating Equipment - PR 2003 Model
Powder Coating Equipment - POWDER STAR (PS2003)
Powder Coating Equipment Super Star SS2007

Powder Coating Equipment Key Benefits

  • PR 2007 Internal cascade, quick colour changes, gun compatible with most other powder units.
  • PR668 series external cascade , lower frequency ideal for metallic paints and recoats.
  • Gema Optiflex, Internal cascade with light injection moulded casing providing the best powder transfer efficiency.
  • Gemma & Wagner replacement parts available refer to spare parts.


Description SKU # Price
PR2017 ZAR From R26 000.00
PR668 Series ZAR From R32 000.00
Gema Optiflex ZAR From R70 000.00

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Powder Coating Equipment