Products & Other Offerings

Other Products and offerings to the manufacturing process.


Pre-treatment systems

Spray tunnels

  • Only three to four stages required.
  • Reduced heating of chemicals required.
  • Less handling of product.
  • Automatic.


Dipping Tanks

  • Easy to maintain.
  • Fits into production lines.


Effluent settling tanks

  • Disposing of waste is an important part of the pre-treatment process that we are able to assist with. Please enquire about the best solution for your chemicals.


Gravity Chains

  • Moveable trunking for cables.



  • For full auto spraying in spray booths. Set to your speed and height requirements.
  • Makes for a faster plant, more controlled and reliable.
  • Doesn’t need sick leave.


Laser Cutting

  • We offer laser cutting services to the public.
  • For small to large projects we can cut up to 12mm m/s & 5mm s/s.
  • We run 2 laser cutters with (specifications).
  • Powder coating in certain colours.
  • Priced according to the time it takes to cut your product.


CNC bending

  • Computer numeric control bending offers the incredibly precise bending and shaping for metal products.
  • Our machines are fully powered, have all the attachments need to make various types of bends and can bend material of up to 2.5 meters long depending on thickness and bend width.


LPG Gas Burners

  • New: We offer burners at competitive prices. Burners sizes from 70KW to 260KW are available. 
  • Services: Over time burners require attention we offer burners service and repairs.


We also offer welding, certified mild steel welding and polypropylene manufacturing,  resistant to most chemicals and is a requirement for aluminium parts treatment.