Powder Coating Equipment

Powder Rite CC - Powder coating is a more cost effective, more efficient and more environment friendly option.


Powder Coating Units

We offer non-OEM replacement parts for Gema, Wagner and Nordson. Original OEM replacement parts for the Powder Rite brand of equipment. Electro static powder offers, more durable, thicker and stronger coats compared to traditional wet paint. Powder Coating is a more cost effective, more efficient and more environment friendly option.

  • PR2022: This is our flagship product, it features: an internal cascade, quick colour changes, gun compatible with most other powder units.
  • The PR2022 is an easy to learn set-up and operate product, built to withstand harsh working environments. It is designed and built by us, which guarentees quality and workmanship. There will always be spares and expertise available to keep you going to help you achieve your goals with the PR2022.

We are Proudly South African.


Powder Recovery

Powder recovery is of vital importance as it as it saves time & money!

  • Compliance with OSHA reduces the  possibility of dust explosions.
  • A massive benefit is that it does most of the cleanup for you.
  1. Cyclone recovery system:
  • The cyclone provides a negative pressure in the spray booth allowing for two square meter of opening per cyclone.
  • Quick colour changes and no maintenance costs.
  • Simple seal on base of cone.
  • Tandem cyclones ie cyclone in series provide for more efficient recovery.


  1. Reverse Pulse After Filters
  • Provides the best filter recover available
  • Reverse pulse automatically cleans the filter cartridge.
  • If no colour is required, filter is attached directly to spray booth.


  1. Sieve Unit
  • Pneumatic sieve unit.
  • Stainless steel mesh.


Spray Booths

If you are powder coating you need a designated area to powder coat your products. If you need to reclaim used powder, this is definitely a must have.

We offer 3 different types of spray booths depending on your needs. Spray booth are an essential part of recovering powder from over spray ensuring you get as much bang for your buck as possible. Working with powder can get very messy very quickly the use of a well designed and built spray booth ensures as little powder drift as possible helping the rest of your factory remain as clean as possible.

  1. Walk in Spray Booths
  • Large spray booths.
  • Allows for employees to make sure they cover all edges of products with ease of being able to walk around an manoeuvre inside of the booth. It is ideal for very large products.


  1. Back to Back
  • These spray booths allow for products to be sprayed on both sides efficiently.
  • They are best suited for continuous production line.


  1. Stand alone
  • These spray booths are used for smaller products that are placed into the spray booth and manually moved into an oven.



We over repairs for all types of powder coating units and equipment. Please bring any faulty equipment to us, to assess the problem. We will then prepare a cost effective quotation for the repairs.